Day two of TGS is over. Started a bit slow after a very late Thursday night an a rough morning, but managed to make it to the show. Today was my last day at the show floor. Tomorrow and Sunday are public days and will probably be about 10 times more-crowded--no, thanks. I was able to play Blaze Blue yesterday and today I had a quick match of KOFXII. Both are beautiful-looking fighting games. Can't wait to see them come to PS3 or Xbox360.

Spotted the following notable game industry people while wandering the show (in alphabetical order):
- Koji Igarashi, Konami
- Justin Keeling, IGN UK
- Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions
- Sterling McGarvey, GameSpy
- The Mega64 dude, Mega64
- Jeremy Parish, 1Up
- Kellee Santiago, thatgamecompany
- Hiromichi Tanaka, Square-Enix
- Bill Trinen, Nintendo of America
- Morgan Webb (I think), G4TV