If you're wondering what's going on with Night Game's audio, here's the weekly status report for code:


I'm still plugging away on the goal of playing Ogg Vorbis music and ambient tracks on the Wii.

This goal consists of two parts:

(1) A track manager that handles the uncompressed audio data and mixes the data from multiple tracks into the DSP audio buffer.
(2) An Ogg Vorbis decoder that can decompress the audio into the track's audio buffer.

On part 1, I have the basic framework down for loading all music and ambient tracks for a level and for managing them. I have a hook for the Ogg Vorbis decoder to supply the uncompressed (raw) audio data. I do not yet have the mixing capability in the code yet, although I have looked at the demo and see how it can be done.

On part 2, I have done some work on the PC side understanding how the decompressor works and how I can fit it together with the Wii. Today I added the decompressor code to the Wii and got it to compile. I still need to hook things up and handle any aspects that remain.