Excuse the crap iPhone photo (c'mon Apple!).

First day in Japan has come to an end. I've tried my best to stay up as long as possible to avoid waking up at 5am. I'm staying in Shinjuku until next week; it's about an hour from here to Chiba, but at least there's stuff to do here at night.

The plan for my time in Japan:

- Spend Thursday and Friday at Tokyo Game Show (looking forward to Sense of Wonder Night)
- Talk to a few Japanese developers
- Dinner with a few friends over the weekend
- Meet up with Amaya next week and show him the latest build of Cave Story on Wii
- Eat takoyaki with Amaya
- Have Amaya sign a few Wii remotes and the Wii with some of his artwork

Oh, by the way, MTV's Patrick Klepek chose Cave Story as his "#1 Nintendo Fall Summit Game." Awesome! Thanks, Patrick.

Anyone who hasn't seen it should head over to the MTV Multiplayer Blog. Leave him some comments.

More to come soon. Time for sleep.