"Hello Nicalis! I am sorry to bother you if you are on a busy schedule, sleeping, or trying to eat that one delicious chocolate chip cookie that's been trying to hide from you, but I heard somewhere that Cave Story Wii will not be released until September 30, 2009. Is this true? Were you not able to get the April/May release?
Please respond,

I think Matt at IGN must have gotten his wires crossed. We're aiming to release Night Game around September. Pixel, Tiffany, Yann, Nicklas, Michaela and I are working as fast as we can to get you Cave Story very, very soon. We'll have a big update within the next two weeks.

For now, what do you think of my new Lime Green DSi? I wanted this color because it matches Quote's scarf pretty darn close.

Now back to more Cave Story.