Hello! Matt Kap here again, with another dev blog about Castle In The Darkness! Today I'll talk about the items in the game!

Upgrading your hero is a very important aspect of Castle In The Darkness. By collecting upgrades and items, you will become much stronger, and able to pass obstacles and kill bosses that previously prevented you from proceeding! The first, and most common upgrade, is this:

Boss Heart: After killing boss monsters, they will drop a boss heart. Collecting this will increase your maximum HP by 1 point! This may seem insignificant, but there are a lot of boss monsters in the kingdom of Alexandria, so upgrading your HP as high as you can will enable you to sustain more damage before dying. Other upgrades are in the form of items:

As you can see, there are various types.

Weapons- Swords and other weapons you can equip to attack.
Armor- Armor you can equip to raise your defense and add special properties.
Magic- Powerful magic that you can equip to use against enemies.
Items- Items that add an upgrade once collected, or unlock a path.
Relics- Items that will give you a permanent special ability (swim, break blocks, etc)

In order to see all that Castle In The Darkness has to offer, or even to finish the game, you will need to collect some, if not all, of these upgrades. Some of them are super secret, and/or hard to attain, so meticulous adventurers will be rewarded!

Before I sign off, here is a moving screenshot that shows what the "Ares Gauntlet" relic allows you to do! You will be able to break certain blocks, so in order not to miss anything, you'll want to find this in the first area of the game!

That's it for today! Till next time!