Hey everyone! Matt Kap here! Today I will be talking about the music in Castle In The Darkness.

I've always had a lot of musical instruments around my house because my father was a musician. Eventually I got into playing music myself, first playing drums in a punk band, switching to guitar at one point long ago (and playing with several bands), and recently picking up the violin for fun. It's safe to say that without having heard the soundtracks from games I played as a kid (Castlevania, Megaman, Ys, etc), I may never have gotten as much into music as I am today!

When I started working on Castle In The Darkness, I wanted all the music to be fast-paced, a bit aggressive, but still super melodic. Since I was already well-practiced in making music that included those traits, I figured it would be really fun to compose the soundtrack by myself!
The music in-game had to be 8-bit-ish chiptune styled to fit with the 8-bit limitations I had already set for this project, so I composed them using a computer. I have composed about 50 songs in total, most of which made it into the game! I am very happy with how it turned out, as they do a really good job conveying the feeling and atmosphere I had in mind! Here are a couple samples of the soundtrack and some moving screenshots:

This is the music that plays in the first area, Alexandria.
It's fast and melodic, with a galloping drum beat. Perfect for the start of a challenging journey.

This is the music that plays in the second area, Agros Forest.
It's a driving rock chiptune that is somewhat of a contrast to the happier sounding music from the previous area. Things are starting to get serious!

For those of you who like what you hear, the entire soundtrack will be available to purchase at some point, but I'll give more details about that in the near future! Thanks again, and come back soon!