Hopefully some of you are going or have friends who will be at PAX. Please be sure to try Cave Story, if you have a chance. We made a special build for PAX with save files in specific areas. Anyone playing, keep in mind that the PAX build is a few weeks old and has certain things locked.

Tiffany and I have also finalized what Downloadable Content will be available soon after release. That'll be Time Attack (you can try your fastest you-know-where), Armored Mode (the enemies, not you) and for those of you who can do it (3HP anyone?). More details much later on this. And more on more Downloadable Content, too

We've done our pre-submission and now it's time for our final submission at the end of this month. If we pass--well you know the rest. And you'll know as soon as we do.

Before release the Nintendo Channel should have the video interview with Amaya-san up. And we're also planning something with the AMAZING paintings we received from some Cave Story fans and artists. You'll see those, too.