Tiffany and I have been working long days and longer nights. The last couple of weeks have been spent going over in-game dialogue nearly word-by-word with Amaya-san. I'm sure he gets a kick out of text messages at 4am PST asking seemingly random stuff like which "master" Igor is referencing when he talks. Well, I hope he gets a kick out of it.

I just now took a quick break to play some flash games (SFII on Kongregate=awesome) and found something a little random. Some of you may or I'm quite the fan of Rose & Camellia by Nigoro. I was about to takes some commute-induced frustration out with a slap-fest when I noticed the image above. It's clickable, but the weird thing is that the actual image on the Nigoro site leads to some fancy countdown.

Check it out: What it means, we'll find out in five days, I think. Time for some slap-action; I wish Rose & Camellia had online multiplayer. That would be great.