Do you remember our Igor Comparison? If you don't, go check it out. At the time I didn't say too much or really show the process in which we arrived on Pixel's final version of Igor. I wanted to take the time to show you more how a typical character is redone for the Wii version of Cave Story.

From left to right, the first image is an enlarged image of what you originally saw on the PC version. It's also one of the options you can choose on the Wii version.

The second image to the right is what software interpolation looks like, but this was done by hand. There are technically four-times as many pixels, but the details is lacking and not what we'd want to see in the finished game.

Third from the left is pretty close to the finished product, but not quite. However, compared to the upscaled image you now see some real detail in the face, teeth and anger in his eyes. The tie has been given more attention and isn't simply a 45-degree group of pixels, it wraps around simulating his wide neck. He's starting to come together. But it's not complete...

Fourth and finally is what you'll see in the Wii version. Pixel added whiskers to Igor, he re-adjusted the eyes to give Igor a sort of feline look. Pixel also added more detail to his brow and also significantly changed his nose. The overall looks is much more consistent with the portrait image. Finally, Igor is complete and ready to take you on in Egg Corridor.