Major change! The D button was removed entirely from the game, and selecting blocks works completely differently now. With Up/Down, the player selects what device to activate, and with the push of a button that block is removed.

The "Invert Gravity" power still work though, but on levels which allows the gravity to be inverted, the 2 button now does do that instead of just speeding up the ball.

This means a few changes. For the "Player" PreDef object:
Obj Val A = Allow A power
Obj Val B = Allow S power
Obj Val C = Allow Left Arrow
Obj Val D = Allow Right Arrow

For physical object special properties that can receive key presses (flipper, key2rotation, key2force) the key values are now:

0: A
1: S
2: Left Arrow
3: Right Arrow

Unlike the previous setting, these keys will map perfectly to the Wii remote.