Hey! It's time for another update on Ittle Dew 2, and this time I wanted to discuss one aspect of the game that we really focused on improving when compared to the original, and that's combat. As I've mentioned before, some players felt that combat seemed tacked on in the original game (which is true to some extent, since initially it was going to be purely a puzzle game), so we've made strides to make combat more fun and fluid with the addition of 360-degree character movement and a dodge/roll that offers a small window of invincibility. More responsiveness means more fun!

Ittle's new defensive dodge adds a new dimension to combat!

But beyond those additions, the action primarily revolves around four weapons/items you can use to clobber your enemies in different ways. At Ludosity, we love the Zelda series, but we feel like they tend to go overboard with the items and weapons you can get, so, just like in the first Ittle Dew, you're limited to four of them, each mapped to a different face button. It's not about the size of your inventory; it's how you use it! These items can be used for both solving puzzles and bashing bad guys, but we'll discuss their puzzle-solving uses at a later time. (Besides, all Ittle really wants to do is the bashing part.)

Sometimes simple is best - like smacking your enemies around with a stick.

So what do you have in your arsenal? First up: the stick. Nothing too fancy, but when it comes to inflicting blunt force trauma on vicious wildlife and other bad guys, it definitely gets the job done. There's also dynamite for times when a big explosion is the only way to show your enemies how you truly feel. (If you played the original Ittle Dew, you might remember bombs were in that one; bombs were big and took up physical space when you placed them, but dynamite is smaller and can be walked over.) Then we have the Ice Ring, which freezes enemies, and the Force Wand, which shoots out balls of, uh, force.

When you need to bring the boom, unload the dynamite!

Some weapons are more effective than others on certain enemies due to their built-in strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes it makes strategic sense to use a particular weapon. For instance, some enemies are rather fast, so it benefits you to punch them with the Ice Ring, which will cause them to slow down, and then smash them to pieces with the stick. These weapons are upgradable, too! As an example, the simple stick upgrades to a fire sword, and then later to something even better.

Feel free to yell things like "Chill out!" or "Ice to meet you!" when you attack with the Ice Ring.

There are a few passive items that will improve your combat skills, as well. A protective amulet will decrease the damage you receive from enemies, while a special headband will allow you to inflict more damage on enemies.

So there you have it: pretty much everything you need to know about combat in Ittle Dew 2. I wouldn't call it super-complex, but it just feels right, and it offers what we believe is the right amount of depth for an adventure game. Have fun bashing baddies!