Hey guys! This is Joel again from Ludosity to tell you a bit more about Ittle Dew 2. I've mentioned before that Ittle and Tipsy aren't the most heroic of protagonists - they really just want to find treasure and clobber bad guys. For that reason, it's pretty important that there are lots of bad guys to clobber, so here's an introduction to the enemies you'll get to fight in the game.

First and foremost, we have the Jennys, and I don't mean Forrest Gump's girlfriend. If you've played Ittle Dew 1 or some of Ludosity's other games like Card City Nights, then you already know about the Jennys. The full name is Jenny Rich Monsteur, which is a terrible pun on "generic monster." They're these purple-skinned girls who dress up in various costumes - like a frog costume or a fox costume - to make them suitable for different environments.

When you see the Jennys, you know what to do: beat up every last one!

Of course, we have a whole bunch of new Jennys for this game. The Safety Jenny is one of the first enemies you meet, and she's armed with a useless foam sword and safety goggles. There's also Slayer Jenny, who is like something out of a Moomin (it's big over here in Europe, trust me) fairytale but more sinister. There's the Flower Jenny who's armed with a scythe-shovel, and Shark Jenny who swims around with her fin sticking up (unless she's on land, in which case she just flops around uselessly).


There are lots of other enemies besides the Jennys, too. Among the most powerful are the Hexrots in the final dungeon; they're big, cloaked carrot wizards who cast all sorts of spells. We've also got cactuses who flex and chase you around while shooting flaming spines, and in Star Woods you'll face turnips armed with spears, shields, and bazookas. There are even rotting zombie versions of those guys! Because combat is much better this time around, we could make more difficult enemies and more challenging combat, so we've tried to make the enemies more varied and fun.

This will teach you to eat your vegetables!

And then we have the bosses, who aren't necessarily what they seem. Here's the thing about Ittle Dew 2: even though it's a classic-style video game adventure, it also pokes fun at the genre a little bit, and so the whole thing is set on an adventure island run by a gamesmaster - it's sort of a giant theme part for adventurers - and the bosses are hired help. So at the beginning of the game, you can go to the village area and talk to the bosses, banter back and forth, and you'll learn that they're pretty good guys. But once you step into a dungeon, they get all serious, and they're ready to beat the crap out of you.

Sure, the bosses are hired help - but don't feel bad about clobbering them. They have it coming.

There are three recurring boss characters, all of whom ride robots to battle. There's Cyber Jenny, who replaces her body parts with mechanical parts gradually, Le Biadlo, who wants to avenge his cousin from the first game, and Lenny, who doesn't really care one way or another. While Ittle and Tipsy are kind of blank slates as far as backstory and characterization goes, there's actually a lot to learn about the bosses and their relationships, so that can be pretty fun. That's especially true of the gamesmaster, but to say anything else would be a spoiler.

So there you have it: a quick look at some of the enemies and bosses of Ittle Dew 2. Some are cute, some are dangerous, and all of them will be there for you to beat the heck out of when the game arrives on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.