We're getting closer and closer to that magical date--take a look at the countdown counter if you need a reminder. I want to let those fans who've supported us for so long in on some of the music that you'll hear very soon.

Those of you who've followed the blog and media coverage know that Cave Story on Wii has both the original music and new music. The new soundtrack is exclusive to the Wii version of Cave Story. Since you've already heard the original audio and can find it on youtube, we're going to be showing you what the new songs sound like.

One of my personal favorite areas in Cave Story is Bushlands, partly because of the lively graphics, but also because of the ramp-up in gameplay. A catchy tune by Amaya also helped me really get attached to Bushlands. The song is called クサムラを行け or "Onto Bushlands". While some of you may disagree with the name (probably because you're used to another one), we can all agree this new version of the song, by Yann van der Cruyssen, is perfect. Check it out below and give us your thoughts!