Hello! It's been a long three weeks. While we've been working harder than ever on Cave Story I've had the pleasure of taking care of a new addition, our first baby.

We haven't stopped working one bit on Cave Story. Amaya-san and I literally text-message or e-mail each other multiple times a day to decide important things. Is it Koron or is it Colon? Is it Chaco or is it Chako?

Tiffany what are you up to?
"On the programming front I have more recently spent time tweaking the error handling for the Wii as well as putting the final touches on lotcheck. We are currently in the process of being approved for Nintendo's Wi-Fi access for the DLC back end stuff. "

Let's see, most of the hard stuff is done:
- Remix/original artwork
- Remix/original audio
- Three save files are working great
- Game is running beautifully at 60fps which was the originally intended speed! :)

We still have bugs that need to be fixed. Probably about two dozen or so minor little ones that we need to address.

By the way, did anyone notice that IGN awarded Cave Story something very special, best WiiWare game of E3:

If you don't know Cave Story yet, get to know it. This cult classic retro game was originally released on PC, and after huge support it's now on its way to WiiWare in a new slightly upgraded affair. Blending the best elements from titles like Super Metroid and Mega Man, Cave Story is an epic title as far as downloads go. Cave Story may have had some decent competition this year, but only a few select WiiWare games have the power to make us cash in a sick day to play, and Cave Story is just that fun.