It's almost Christmas and the end of the year!

We've been utterly quiet because updating a blog takes more time away than I'd like from actually making games--what we're supposed to be doing. We'll have some updates post-release with Amaya-san discussing the game. For now I want to bring everyone up to speed on the finished product:

- Three save files
- New graphics/music
- Classic Controller support (play this way)
- Original graphics/music
- 60 frames per second vs the PC version's 50
- Three game modes (easy, normal and hard)

In Easy Mode, Mister Traveler sustains half damage when hit. It's still a pretty decent challenge. Also, he'll be in ひよっこ/yellow Mister Traveler attire for Easy--you can probably spot him in the background.

Normal is normal--the same game you've come to know and love.

Hard Mode is for all the hardcore fans. You have to make it through most of the game with 3HP and no missiles; Mister Traveler looks very unique in this mode with blonde hair and a blue outfit (he's on the left side). We were happy to include Hard Mode for release since we originally planned it as…

- DLC, we have a lot planned for this AND we're taking possible requests

- Translated script with the blessing and support of Amaya-san

- A few changes that we don't want to spoil, but true fans will notice

I know that some of you might be disappointed that you didn't get Cave Story in time for Christmas, but it'll be worth the wait.

For now Dustin Kulwicki, you may know him as k-wik, has done up three AMAZING Christmas-themed Cave Story songs. If his name sounds at all familiar it's with good reason. He was responsible for the equally amazing Cave Story Remix Project.

These all-new songs may not be the actual game, but think of them as a gift to all the fans who have supported Amaya-san for five years. Listen to each song via the player below or right-click on the name to "save as". Enjoy!

Holiday Construction

Chime Vale

Oh yeah, you don't get the last one until Christmas day. Release date for Cave Story? After the new year. Gotta get back to working on NightSky...