I've been in Japan one full day now. Last night I landed, and met my friends from Nigoro for a secret meeting, dinner and drinks. I'd have a photo to show, too, but the damn iPhone doesn't seem to be saving my photos lately. Aaargh... So here's a picture of our walk on the way to dinner.
After dinner, I did a little work from the hotel and went to bed around midnight.

This morning I had to check out of the hotel early because of construction so I figured I'd get an early start and head to Akiba. The above-image is what Akihabara looks like before everything opens. That's what I get for showing up at 9am. Most of the business don't even open until 10--some of them--11am. Oh well

Here's the first McDonald I ever ate at in Japan nearly 10 years ago. At the time had misplaced a friend and figured I should just wait for him and get some food, too. It was one of the few things open. I bought a hashbrown.

With nothing left to do, I took the 11am Shinkansen to Kyoto. It's a little early, but I have time to make it to some of the temple. Tonight I might eat ramen or sushi--haven't decided yet. Tomorrow, however, I'll be hanging out with Pixel again. Maybe I should tell you what we're doing...