So, technically, it's not Monday anymore, but it still is in Hawaii so that's good enough for us. Some of you were waiting for some big news and, hopefully, this is what you were waiting for.

First, we're VERY close to putting the finishing touches on Cave Story. And by very close, meaning the game is very done and we're doing our best to bug-test, fix and finish all the necessary work that is involved with finalization the North American version. (yes, after that we quickly move onto the European release)

The second announcement is that you're going to want to keep a very close watch on the Nintendo Channel (you know, the video channel built into your Wii) over the next few weeks. You may have already seen the Night Game interview. Some of you may recall my rather abrupt trip to Kyoto in February. We were able to twist Amaya-san's arm and convince him to do his first-ever video interview with Nintendo. So, finally, after so many years and so many requests you'll get to see the face of the man responsible for Cave Story and hear him speak about the game. There will also be maiko.

Oh one last thing. Do you remember that autographed Wii remote? We also might have a few to give away in the very near future. But you'll just have to wait for that.