Chris Schlarb, maybe you've heard of him? If you've enjoyed any of the music in Night Game thus far then you better know Chris. He's the man responsible for the ethereal soundtrack intended as a compliment to Nicklas' art, design and general direction for the game.

Gamasutra/GameSetWatch's Jeriaska had the chance to combine some serious music superpowers in the form of Chris (Night Game), Baiyon (PixelJunk Eden), Vince Diamante (Flowe) and Shaw-Han Liem (Proud). Unlike a traditional interview, the musicians hung out, drank Pepsi and talked about blazing balls.

Read the whole Indie VGM Roundtable story at GameSetWatch.. You can also read more about Chris at Gamasutra with their recent story, Rolling with the Sounds of Night Game. Congrats Chris!

In other related news, Nicklas is currently enjoying the countryside of Sweden along with Yann. We believe that they're touring bars and cafe in Sweden performing Gunther, Inga, Basshunter, Ace of Base, Roxette and Europe covers. Awesome!