Hopefully you've seen us mention our Cave Story+ Halloween Update, only available on Steam. So what's the big deal? First, the update is entirely free. If you already own Cave Story+ on Steam or buy it, the update will be packed in with the latest version of Cave Story.

If you remember our Christmas Story update, then you'll probably have an idea of what our Halloween update entails. We've literally redrawn just about every character and sprite in Halloween-themed attire and colors. We've also thrown in a few fun references that you'll maybe catch.

Aside from the neato Halloween theme, we've also added a few more features to the game:
- Steam Online Leaderboards
- Machine Gun Challenge
- Story Mode Japanese Language Support

What the heck does a game like Cave Story+ need Leaderboards for? Well, for all the cool Challenge modes like Nemesis and Wind Fortress. We've been working on leaderboards for quite some time now. You'll be able to post your time on Steam and see how you've done against other players. Since all the challenges have been locked until now, Machine Gun Challenge is an all-new mode designed to allow anyone to instantly post a time to the Leaderboards.

And Japanese language support should be self-explanatory. Until now, Japanese players haven't had an opportunity to play Cave Story on Steam in Japanese. Now they can. If we get enough interest from the Japanese community, we'll probably translate Curly Story into Japanese, too.

BTW, here's a little preview of some of the art you'll see during the Halloween update.