Cave Story is officially the Number One game on the Wii Shop Channel's Top 20. We took a photo just to prove it :)
Read the glowing reviews from 1UP, Game Informer, GameTrailers and with links below:

Rating: A/A
"Cave Story feels like the most amazing console game from the year 1990; that it's only now coming to console 20 years later shouldn't be held against it."

Game Informer
Rating: 9.0/10 and 8.75/10
"Reinvigorated by the folks at Nicalis, Daisuke Amaya’s remarkable game is engrossing, challenging, and quite lengthy for a downloadable title."

Rating: 8.75/10
"It evokes classic Metroid, without the massive backtracking, as well as Ratchet and Clank's weapons."

The Hanafuda Times
Rating: 10/10
"I like the polished graphics. I love the remixed music. If only the soundtrack was floating about in the ether...Yes, the game offers a new look, music, and even widescreen and 480p display options, but is getting the game really worth it? Why yes, yes it is "
Rating: 8.5/10
"Cave Story is one of the best "NES" games ever made. It tells an elaborate tale full of endearing characters, fun boss fights, and satisfying weapons. The polish and tight controls are on par with what you would have found in a first-party Nintendo NES game. Delightful, whimsical, and curious, this is a game that begs to be explored."

Rating: N/A
""Cave Story" is a fantastic and engrossing downloadable that features a startling layer of polish and care that most modern, pyrotechnic big-budget releases lack."

Rating: 9/10
"It's almost impossible to convey the sheer amount of charm and personality found throughout Cave Story. The game's eccentric world draws you in from the moment you begin playing and the ever-increasing intensity and action only further maintain the game's enjoyable gameplay scheme."