Hello! Matt Kap here again, with another dev blog about Castle In The Darkness! Today I'll write about one of the bosses you'll encounter- General!

General is a posessed statue of a deceased knight from Alexandria's history. He is almost a screen tall, and holds a scary stone greatsword. Besides just being a statue of a past general of the army, I named him after a character from one of my favorite manga series.

He may seem really intimidating, but like many bosses from classic-era games, he has a fairly simple pattern that most players will start to understand after fighting him a couple of times. He walks back and forth in the room, occasionally pausing to unleash one of two attacks.

Attack 1: Greatsword Crush- He lifts his stone greatsword, and brings it down to attempt to crush you! This also causes a loose brick to fall from the ceiling, so watch out!

Attack 2: Eye Beam- He pauses, and then shoots a short laser from his one eye!

To damage General, you cannot just hit him anywhere, you have to attack his weak point. I won't spoil that in this post, but it isn't very hard to find. Touching General will damage you, so be careful to stay away from him until you are ready to strike! As a final bit of something to show, here is an image that shows the old design of General before I redesigned him!

Thanks for reading, guys and girls! Please keep checking this blog for future updates! Till next time!