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There are many reasons to look forward to the upcoming release of Code of Princess EX this summer on Nintendo Switch: intense action, spectacular special moves, RPG progression, gorgeous artwork, couch co-op, versus mode and more. But the things that hold it all together—while separating the game from others in the hack-and-slash genre—are the memorable characters and the lighthearted yet deep story.

The tale is set in a world of high fantasy—a domain of swords and sorcery, magic and monsters. For untold ages, humans and monsters have managed to coexist (separately but peacefully, for the most part). However, when the game begins, that tenuous peace has ended. For reasons unknown, the monsters have begun to rise up and brazenly attack human settlements. While monsters had once been content to mostly keep to themselves, they are now emerging from the shadows and making their presence violently known, much to the horror of the human populace caught in their destructive path.

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At the same time, an independent group of self-proclaimed peacekeepers known as the Distron Army has risen to power. Led by Queen Distiny, this fearsome force is using its might to fight back against the monster menace and protect the citizens when the local governments cannot.

Amidst this chaos, our heroine, Princess Solange Blanchefleur de Lux, enters the fray. As monsters prepare to overrun the capital city of the Kingdom of DeLuxia, and the Distron Army arrives on the scene to evidently come to the rescue, it falls upon Solange to take up her birthright—the legendary holy sword DeLuxcalibur—and use its power to attempt to restore peace to the land.

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Of course, this is merely the beginning. Code of Princess EX is divided into several action-packed chapters, each one bookended by real-time cutscenes that flesh out the tale and pull you deeper into the world of DeLuxia. Solange’s quest will take many unexpected twists and turns, leading her from one side of the kingdom to the other and allowing her to cross paths with many unique personalities, from honorable warriors to undead mages to feline shopkeepers. To help prepare you for the monumental mission, here’s a closer look at some of the characters that you’ll encounter on the journey….

Given her slight build and unconventional attire (she swears it's a designer gown), Princess Solange might not look like a warrior. But don't be fooled; she's a fierce fighter, possessing a passionate desire to save the people of DeLuxia. As the game’s director Toshinobu Kondo explains it, "She's very sexy and strong, but at the same time, very innocent."
Once the leader of a group of bandits, Ali is a nimble, tricky thief trying to find a new path in life. She thinks she's found a prize when she encounters Solange and the DeLuxcalibur, but as she gets caught up in the battle for DeLuxia, she realizes there are more important things than making a profit.
Considering her blue skin and stitched-together body, it's easy to assume that Zozo is some sort of zombie. According to her, though, she's a talented necromancer—and her magical abilities do prove to be very useful in battle. Zozo is one of director Kondo’s favorite characters; he notes that "she was a fun character to work on while writing the scenario."
Fun-loving and fancy free, Allegro is a bard who considers himself quite the ladies' man. If he's to be believed, he's also a sage (or at least a sage-in-training), which is why the group tolerates his annoying attitude and flaky behavior. Allegro is voted most likely to sprain something while patting himself on the back.
A blind samurai whose homeland was recently destroyed, "Shooting Star" Tsukikage is an honorable warrior who now travels the land with his partner Master T to ensure the same fate doesn't befall other nations. He finds himself strangely drawn to DeLuxcalibur and seems to have a thing for Zozo.
Master T
Tsukikage's traveling partner, Master T practices a fighting style known as UMA (Ultimate Manimal Arts), which allows him to draw power from the great beasts of legend. Despite his imposing size and strength, Master T is a big softy at heart.
Sister Hel
Sister Helga Wilhelmina—nicknamed Sister Hel for her strictness—is not a nun you want to mess with. When Solange and company see her orphanage under attack by monsters, they rush to her aid. But with her spiked battle mace and holy magic, she's more than a match for any foe.
Marco Neko
This furry feline entrepreneur not only provides a wide variety of armor and accessories for would-be heroes at his shop, but he's also not afraid to get his paws dirty when the situation calls for it. Don't stiff him on the bill, though—he definitely holds a grudge!
Queen Distiny
Queen Distiny is another case in which looks can be deceiving. Though she seems to be an ordinary woman, as the leader of the Distron Army she commands the loyalty of countless followers, and she's quite a powerful fighter in her own right.
Baku Juppongi
One of the generals of the Distron Army, Baku Juppongi is a ninja master with limitless ambition. His tactics are often shady (to say the least) and he's often found trying to upstage his fellow generals.
There's much more to Alchemia than meets the eye. She appears to be an innocent child, but in reality, she possesses incredible magical abilities.
Joe the Liongate
A respected, straightforward and talented swordsman, Joe the Liongate is perhaps the mightiest warrior in the Distron Army. His mask protects his face, but it also keeps his past shrouded in mystery.

Just what will happen when these colorful characters clash amidst an epic tale of blades and battles? You’ll find out soon when Code of Princess EX slashes its way onto Nintendo Switch this summer!