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August 25, 2014

Castle In The Darkness: DANGER! General attacks!

Hello! Matt Kap here again, with another dev blog about Castle In The Darkness! Today I’ll write about one of the bosses you’ll encounter- General!

General is a posessed statue of a deceased knight from Alexandria’s history. He is almost a screen tall, and holds a scary stone greatsword. Besides just being a statue of a past general of the army, I named him after a character from one of my favorite manga series.

He may seem really intimidating, but like many bosses from classic-era games, he has a fairly simple pattern that most players will start to understand after fighting him a couple of times. He walks back and forth in the room, occasionally pausing to unleash one of two attacks.

Attack 1: Greatsword Crush- He lifts his stone greatsword, and brings it down to attempt to crush you! This also causes a loose brick to fall from the ceiling, so watch out!

Attack 2: Eye Beam- He pauses, and then shoots a short laser from his one eye!

To damage General, you cannot just hit him anywhere, you have to attack his weak point. I won’t spoil that in this post, but it isn’t very hard to find. Touching General will damage you, so be careful to stay away from him until you are ready to strike! As a final bit of something to show, here is an image that shows the old design of General before I redesigned him!

Thanks for reading, guys and girls! Please keep checking this blog for future updates! Till next time!

August 21, 2014

Castle In The Darkness: Introducing the hero!

Hello! Matt Kap here again, with another dev blog about Castle In The Darkness! Today I’ll talk a little bit about the hero of the game.

About The Hero
At the beginning of Castle In The Darkness, not much is known about the player character, other than the fact that he is a royal guard of Alexandria, and the sole survivor of the monster attack that left the castle royalty-free. To put it simply, the hero is you, discovering the world and its secrets, as you do. I purposely avoided giving the hero much back story, because the game isn’t about his development, it’s about a kingdom in danger, and you, the player, cleaning up the mess.
The hero doesn’t talk in-game, for the following reasons:
1. Many classic-era console heroes did not talk, so I wanted to stay faithful to that.
2. This game doesn’t have a lot of dialog anyway, so excessive dialog would take the focus off of the action!

The hero is primarily shown wearing variants of guard armor from the kingdom of Alexandria. The sketch below shows what he might have worn if he was ever seen without his armor.

(At one point, a tutorial chapter was considered where you run around a field with a wooden sword and regular clothes, but there wasn’t much to teach that wasn’t easily learnable just by playing the game.)

I designed the armor with one main thing in mind, I wanted him to look like what he is- a generic guard. After sketching lots of types of helmets and armor, I decided that he would have more charm with a helmet that shows his face. I also had to choose something that would look iconic and recognizable in a 16×16 sprite.

At the time when I started to work on this game there weren’t any active blue heroes in games (Megaman was on vacation), so I chose blue as the color of the hero’s armor. It also happened that blue looked best and stuck out over the background tiles I was drawing, so the choice stuck…

That’s it for this post! Please keep checking this blog for future updates! Till next time!

September 5, 2012

Nicalis Will Loan You $100 to Submit to Steam Greenlight

Ripping a really great idea from our friends at Dejobaan, we want to help other developers get past the $100 Valve Greenlight fee.

This blog post isn’t about whether Greenlight is good or not. We’ll leave that to you to decide.

If you wantneed to submit to Steam Greenlight, but feel you can’t because of the required $100 Child’s Play donation, we want to make it possible. Here’s money where our mouth is:

– We will loan $100 up to three awesome aspiring indie developers. Keep reading..
– We’re calling on other established indie developers to do the same.

If you’re an indie willing to do put up $100 as well, please drop us an e-mail at info@nicalis.com with a subject: Greenlight Help!

But you aren’t alone, right? We’ll loan up to three indies $100 each, to submit their game on Steam’s Greenlight platform. For consideration, you must do this:

Email: Contact us via e-mail at: info@nicalis.com with a link to your game’s website by September 10th, 2012.

Say: In the e-mail, a) tell us a bit about your game, b) tell us a bit about yourself, and c) promise us that you realize that nobody owes you anything, and that you’ll pay us back before the end of the year.

Disseminate: Spread the word so that other indies will offer similar loans.

By the end of this September, we’ll pick someone we feel is awesome, and loan ‘em the cash–simple.

December 13, 2011

Humble Indie Bundle 4 is LIVE!

We stole this text from Gaijin Games. They’re in the new awesome HIB4 and so are we!

Do you like to get several games for WHATEVER PRICE YOU WANT!?

Do you like to help those in need during this holiday season?

Then this Humble Indie Bundle was tailor-made for you!

Just follow the links and name your price! Decide how much money goes to charity, and get entertained with fantastic games from fantastic developers!

October 6, 2011


Nicalis To Publish Terry Cavanagh’s VVVVVV on 3DS eShop

October 6th, 2011 – Nicalis, Inc., developer and publisher of independently awesome video games is VVVVVVery excited to announce a publishing agreement with Terry Cavanagh for VVVVVV on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. VVVVVV features the same amazingly retro gameplay, aesthetic and chiptune music (by Swedish musician, Magnus Pålsson), but now in 3D and on the go with your 3DS. Attendees of Indiecade in Culver City, California can play a near-complete preview VVVVVVersion for the first time on 3DS! Just find Terry Cavanagh or Tyrone Rodriguez and ask them to play!

Released in late 2010 for PC, VVVVVV is a 2D action-platformer deeply rooted in the days of 8-bit gaming with incredibly challenging gameplay and secrets. In VVVVVV, you play as Captain Viridian, who must not only save a dimension on the brink of collapse, but also find your ship’s crew–all of whose names begin with the letter V.

Now 3DS owners can experience the critically acclaimed game in 3D, anywhere. When asked for an obligatory quote, Terry Cavanagh said, “I’m VVVVVVery excited about it! This is the first time anything I’ve made has been on a console.”

VVVVVV 3DS Features:
Open-world environment with six unique levels
20 Trinkets to locate and collect
Full 3D awesomeness integrated into the retro-looking art style
- Dual screen functionality with a real-time map!
- Music by Magnus Pålsson
- New Featured Levels
- Future content updates

VVVVVV continues Nicalis’ partnerships with highly talented and super-awesome independent developers. Previously Nicalis has teamed up with Studio Pixel (Cave Story, Ikachan), Nicklas Nygren (NightSky) and NIGORO (La-Mulana). Now Terry Cavanagh’s incredible VVVVVV, too, will make the jump–er, flip–to console.

About Nicalis, Inc.
Based in Southern California, Nicalis, Inc. is an independent developer and digital publisher with a proven track record for developing well-polished games with library of highly-acclaimed products for mobile. Founded in 2007, Nicalis continually seeks to enhance, and improve the quality of video games throughout the game industry. Nicalis, Inc. is committed to developing wildly creative and endlessly entertaining games that just happen to be affordable. Nicalis, Inc. is also developing NightSky (portable downloads), has completed development on Cave Story 3D (for the Nintendo 3DS) and is publishing La-Mulana (WiiWare). More information on Nicalis can be found via the Internet at http://www.nicalis.com and http://www.twitter.com/nicalis.

About Terry Cavanagh
Terry Cavanagh–not to be confused with the World’s Most Dangerous Accordion Player or a Canadian politician–is an award-winning independent game designer, and nice guy. Born in an undisclosed year in an undisclosed village deep inside of Ireland, Terry began laboriously toiling away at game development during a very early age with the Commodore 64 and BASIC.
VVVVVV Website: http://thelettervsixtim.es

Since then Terry has moved on to develop a number of lauded and heavily anticipated games including Don’t Look Back, Self Destruct and the forth-coming At a Distance and Nexus City.

In 2010, Cavanagh teamed up with Swedish musician, Magnus “Souleye” Palsson to create the critically acclaimed and highly successful game, VVVVVV, which has a VVVVVVersion for release in late 2011 on the Nintendo 3DS

Terry’s main focus has been creating minimal, concept-driven games.

September 27, 2011

And Back Again!

Herro! It’s been a while, but we have a fresh new blog to go with the new HTML5-friendly site.  Shown above, two random dudes ogling at the Nintendo 3DS. Not sure what they’re playing, but it must be awesome.